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Software Inventory Flow

Use software inventory to collect information about files on client devices. Software inventory can also collect files from client devices and store them on the site server. Software inventory is collected when you select the Enable software inventory on clients setting in client settings. You can also schedule the operation in client settings.

1. Inventory Opening Store for action {00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000002}

2. Inventory Action = Hardware, Report type = Delta Or Full

3. Input Context Skip file name = Skpswi.dat namespace =\\.\\root\ccm\invagt;Query=select … from filesystemfile where name = * .dll

4. Scanning input path c:\program files\files scan completed;462 instances completed.

5. Failed in discovering instance. Invalid object.

6. Inventory Temp report = C:\windows\ccm\temp\f8840298.xml

7. Inventory Successfully sent report. Destination:MP:MP_SinvEndpoint ID, :{ e9960288-3dfd-6897-ef4x-4915a4122e3b,

8. MP Message Handler:copy attachment to c:\SMS\MP\outboxes\\sinvattachment f8840298.XML Inv-sinv Task:processing xml file C:\SMS\MP\outboxes\

9. Sinv task: Report attachment to file C:\sms\mp\outboxes\\GXD54FG.SIC” returned 0.

10. Moved file c:\SMS\MP\Outboxes\\ GXD54FG.SIC to \\\SMS_MSS\inboxes\auth\\ GXD54FG.SIC

11. Processing SIC ..auth\ GXD54FG.MIF to

12. Finished processing 1 MIF’s

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