MECM Cloud Management Gateway (CMG) Virtual Machine Scale Set (VMSS)

As we are all aware Virtual Machine Scale Set (VMSS) was first introduced in version 2010 as a pre-release feature. Starting in version 2107, we all can deploy a CMG with a Virtual Machine Scale Set (VMSS). If you have an existing CMG deployed with the Class Cloud Service, convert the CMG to Use a Virtual Machine Scale Set.

Cost of CMG in Virtual Machine Scale Set:-

  • CMG uses the Azure platform as a Service (PaaS).

  • In version 2103 or earlier, CMG uses a standard A2_v2 VM.

  • In version 2107 or later, we can configure the VM size.

  1. Lab (B2s) -- This VM is only for Lab testing and small environment. It's not for production.

  2. Standard (A2_v2)

  3. Large (A4_v2)

  • We can't change VM size once configured. To change VM size need to redeploy the services.

  • VM instance can support the CMG, one is the default, and 16 is the maximum. This number is set when you create the CMG, but you can change it as service needs.

  • To know the Outbound traffic


  1. Azure Subscription to host CMG.

  2. Integrate the site with Azure AD to deploy the service with the Azure resource manager.

  3. Full Admin rights in Configuration Manager console (Full or Infrastructure Administrator).

  4. Online Service Connection Point must be in Online Mode.

  5. The client Must use IPV4.

  6. At least one on-premises windows server to host the CMG connection point.

  7. Configure the MP to allow traffic from CMG, it requires HTTPS or EHTTP.

  8. Server Authentication certificate for CMG.

Configuration/Operation and Functionality of the CMG:-

  • Other Azure Resource Providers needed to enable click here.

  1. Microsoft.KeyVault

  2. Microsoft.Storage

  3. Microsoft.Network

  4. Microsoft.Compute

  • Virtual Machine Scale Set uses different deployment names, East US Azure region.

  • CMG connection point only communicates with the Virtual Machine Scale Set in Azure over HTTPS. It doesn't require any TCP-TLS ports

Limitations for CMG with Virtual Machine Scale Set:-

  • It doesn't support Azure US Government cloud environments.

  • May experience a delay of up to three seconds for actions in the software center.

  • We can't approve/deny application requests through CMG.

How to Configure Virtual Machine Scale Set:-

  • Sign in to the Azure portal

  • From the portal home page, search for Virtual Machine Scale Set.

  • Select the Virtual Machine Scale Set and Click on Create

  • In the Virtual Machine Scale Set window, provide all basic details like virtual Scale Set name, Region, username and password to connect Virtual machine, OS Image, etc...

  • Select the respective tabs to change the configuration like Disks, networking, Scaling