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MECM 2111 - Upgrade Guide

Microsoft has released MECM Version 2111 on December 1st, 2021. The MECM 2111 version of the Configuration Manager is now generally available as an opt-in version.

MECM 2111 is an In-console upgrade guide for MECM current branch. This update can be applied on site version 2006 or later. MECM 2111 upgrade starts from the top server (CAS --> Primary). If you have secondary servers, initiate a secondary site server manually after a successful upgrade of the primary site server. You don't need to initiate the upgrade of site system servers such as Distribution Point, Management Point, Software Update point.

MECM 2111 Features:-

  • Below are deprecated Features

    1. Managing apps from the Microsoft Store for Business and Education with configuration manager

    2. Asset Intelligence

    3. On-premises MDM.

  • .Net version 4.6.2 prerequisite check is an error - Starting in this release, the prerequisite rule for .Net 4.6.2 is an error. Until you upgrade .Net, you can't continue installing or updating the site to this version of Configuration Manager.

  • Improvements to application groups.

  • Implicit uninstall for user collections.

  • Approvals for orchestration group scripts

  • Improvements to ADR search criteria

  • Enable update notification from Microsoft 365 Apps.

  • Improvements to VPN boundary groups.

  • Status Message for console extensions

  • Improvements to external Notifications

  • Improvements to client management health dashboard.

  • Sofware center notification display logo.

  • Task Sequence check for TPM 2.0 (OSD).

  • Improvements to the Windows servicing dashboard.

  • Custom properties for devices in the MECM Console.

  • Export to CSV.

  • Import Console extension Wizard.

  • Require installation of a console extension.

  • Power BI reports

  • Console Improvements

  • Option for support Center Data Collector and client tools.

  • Improvements to support center Log file viewer and one trace.

Servicing Updates for Configuration Manager Updates.

Microsoft releases updates for Configuration Manager current branch version 3 times a year.

Each update is supported for 18 months. Initial, 4 months security and critical updates and next 14 months only security updates.

Supported ADK Version

MECM 2111 Upgrade Prerequisites and Upgrade

  • Configmgr 2111 is available as an in-console update. The Update should be available under the updates and servicing node of Configmgr Console for Installation.

  • To upgrade to version 2111, ensure you are running MECM version 2006 or later.

  • Apply the version 2111 updates starting at the top-level site in the hierarchy. Perform upgrade the CAS upgrade, later you can begin the upgrade of each child site.

  • Ensure that you are running a supported Operating System and SQL Server version.

  • If you are running MECM 2002 or older version, check the SCCM In-Place upgrade.

  • If there is any pending restart, restart the server and begin the update installation.

  • The Configuration Manager should have an Online Service Connection Point.

Early Update Ring - Download Opt-In Script

As Configuration Manager version 2111 has been released recently only, it is available for early update ring. We have to download the version 2111 opt-in Script

  • Once download (EnableEarlyUpdateRing2111.exe), extract .exe.

  • It will extract as EnableEarlyUpdateRing2111.ps1

  • Open PowerShell as administrator and execute the below command.

Command:- .\enableearlyupdatering2111.ps1 -siteServer <SiteServername>

  • Refer the MECM Console, MECM 2111 will be visible under Update and Servicing.

Step to Upgrade MECM 2111.

  • Login to MECM console, navigate to Administration\Overview\Updates and Servicing.

  • The download will start automatically, if not download manually.

  • Once the update is downloaded, we can see Ready to Install.

  • Run Prerequisite Check, select MECM 2111, right-click, and select "Run Prerequisite Check".

  • Once the status changes from "Checking prerequisites" to "Prerequisites checked passed with warnings"

  • Initiate Install Update Pack MECM 2111.

  • Open MECM Console, click on the administration tab, Overview/Updates and Servicing, right click on MECM 2111, and select "Install Update Pack"

  • Will launch Configuration Manager Update Wizard window, under General Page check the box Ignore any prerequisite check warnings and install this update regardless of missing requirements and click Next.

  • Under Features Included in update Pack page, select the option you want to enable or leave it default.

  • For Client update options, select the desired option for your client update. This option allows only client members of a specific collection.

  • Accept the license and click Next.

  • In Cloud attach window, you can sign in to Microsoft endpoint Manager with your Microsoft organizational account, if you want to skip the cloud attach, uncheck all the checkboxes and click Next.

  • On the summary tab, review your setting. Click Next.

  • Close the wizard on the completion Tab.

  • MECM 2111 update installation begins now,

  • You Can Monitor the MECM 2111 upgrade process.

    1. In the MECM Console, Monitoring workspace.

    2. Click Overview /updates and servicing status.

    3. Right-click the Configmgr 2111 and show status.

  • Once installation is done, you can open the MECM Console will ask you to update your console with the version.

  • Once completed you can verify the site version. Click on the top left of the SCCM ribbon and select the option "About Configuration Manager".

Client Upgrade

You can upgrade clients is by using the Automatic Client Upgrade feature.

  • Open the MECM 2111 Console.

  • Goto Administration -> Site Configuration ->Sites.

  • Click on Hierarchy Setting ->Client Upgrade.

  • Upgrade client Automatically when the new client update is available to the checkbox is enabled.

  • Set the required number of days for Automatic Client Upgrade

  • Update Boot Image, it is recommended to update the client version in the boot image as well.

  • Open the MECM console software library\Overview\Operatins System\Boot Images, select the boot image and click Update Distribution Point.


  • Dmpdownloader.log

  • cmupdate.log

  • Configmgrprereq.log

  • ConfigMgrAdminUISetup.log

  • ConfigMgrAdminUISetupVerbose

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