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Management Point - Notification Server

Management point Notification server flow

1. Establish a persistent TCP connection to notification server on the current management point. Once Successful, notification agent will periodically send a keep-alive message every 15 minutes to maintain connection.

2. Notification manager will read the online files (*.BOS) from and update the online presence information in the site database.

3. When an administrator initiates a supported client operation from the configuration manager console, that action will be translated into a client notification message and placed into the database service broker queue.

4. Notification server detects the message request and get the message from the service broker queue and then push the message to online clients over the persistent channel.

5. Upon receiving the message, notification agent will perform the corresponding action based on the message content. The notification result will be sent back to notification server.

6. Notification server summarize the task push results periodically and exports them into .\inboxes\ Notification manager processes the task push result files (*.BTS) and updates the site database.

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