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Installation of standard Distribution point

Let's see installation of standard Distribution point flow.

1. New change in the console à Deploy the new distribution point.

2. SMSProvider executes a method (WMI) against the DB, site control table is modified.

3. Changing DB, triggers the database Monitor, that notifies the hierarchy manager.

4. Hman Triggers the creation the distribution point and the distribution of 2 packages.

· Configuration Manager client packages

· Configuration Manager client upgrade package

5. Distmgr connects to the new distribution point.

· Install ISAPI, creates SMS_DP$

· Install and configure IIS (if the option was selected in the console).

· Copies binaries in the SMS_DP$ folders

· Install MSXML and the distribution point WMI provider on the remote Distribution point

· Creates the virtual directory (IIS) SMS_DP_SMSPKG$ for the path ?:\SCCMContentLib

· Create the virtual directory (IIS) SMS_DP_SMSSIG$ for the path \\<Servername>\SMSSIG$

6. Pkgxfermgr copies the two default client packages to the distribution point.

7. Distmgr acknowledges the copy of the 2 packages and update the database.

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