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In place OS upgrade for MECM site server

In this post, let's see how we will do an in-place OS upgrade from Windows 2012 Standard to windows 2016 standard, on MECM primary site server with SQL Installed locally.

Note:- If in-place OS upgrade from windows 2008 r2 to windows 2012 R2, better to uninstall WSUS due to WSUS version change. Windows Server 2012 R2 and windows server 2016 uses the same WSUS version.

In-Place upgrade MECM Server

  • Mount the windows server 2016 ISO file and click on Setup.exe

  • Choose Download and Install updates and press Next

  • If there are still update, the setup will continue

  • Provide the product key, select Next

  • Select the windows 2016 (Standard or datacenter desktop experience option)

  • Accept the License terms

  • Choose option Keep personal files and Apps, press Next

  • Getting updates if still needed

  • Select Install

  • Installing in-progress

  • Once the upgrade is completed login and checks for whether MECM Server is upgraded to 2016 (Ctrl+R --> Winver).

Post upgrade review whether all services are running. If not, start all services

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