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How to attach MECM Current Branch stand-alone primary site server with CAS Server

Updated: May 17, 2021

In this post, we will see how to expand the stand-alone primary server and attach that server to CAS.

  • We have to install the new MECM CB CAS server from the installation media (source file) CD.latest folder. that matches the version of the stand-alone MECM CB primary site server.

  • The MECM CB stand-alone primary site cannot be configured to migrate data from another MECM Hierarchy, remove all those migration configuration before expansion.

  • The Computer account of MECM CAS server must be member of the administrator group on the stand-alone primary site.

  • The user account that runs setup to install MECM CAS must have Full Admin stand-alone primary site server.

  • We need to uninstall system roles from CB stand-alone primary site server before we can expand the site.

    1. Asset Intelligence synchronization point

    2. Endpoint Protection point

    3. Service Connection point

  • The SQL server service Broker (4022) must be open between MECM CB CAS and Stand-alone primary site server. We can check using telnet whether ports 4022 port is opened or not.

  • We need to install IIS, .NET framework, Bits (Background intelligence transfer service), ADK, Winpesetup,SQL, RDC (Remote Differential Compression)

  • You need to add CAS hostname in the system management container, this will be used to publish data to the Active directory.

    1. Login to domain controller.

    2. Open the Active directory users and computers.

    3. Click view and select advanced features.

    4. Expand System --> select System Management.

    5. Right click System Management and select Delegate control

    6. On the next screen click Add.

    7. In the Object types select computers and click Ok.

    8. Type MECM CAS Server name and click Check Names.

    9. In the tasks to Delegate window, select Create a custom task to delegate

    10. Select the default option This folder, exiting objects in this folder and creation of new objects in this folder. Click Next

    11. Select Full Control and click Finish.

  • We will install SQL on the CAS server and mount the ISO file and select New SQL server stand-alone installation or add features to an existing installation

  • Select the product key or evaluation and click on Next

  • Accept all License terms and click on Next

  • Select the Features and click Next

  • Select the default/custom instance and click on Next

  • Select the Service accounts and Collation (SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS)

  • Click on upgrade to begin installation.

  • SQL Installation completed.

  • We will install the MECM console on the CAS server and double click on a splash from CD.Latest folder

  • Click on Install and click Next

  • Select option Install a Configuration Manager Central Administration site

  • Select the evaluation edition or enter licensed edition.

  • Accept all License terms and click on Next

  • Select option previously downloaded files and select redist folder.

  • Click on next and it will verify all downloaded prerequisite components.

  • Select the language and click on Next

  • Provide Standalone primary site server FQDN name

  • Provide SQL FQDN name and provide any custom instance name.

  • Run the prerequisite check and once passed and click Install

  • Wait for installation to completed.

  • Once installation is completed open MECM console check for site hierarchy whether you can see CAS & Primary site server.

  • Check the replication between CAS & Primary (Monitoring --> Database replication -> Link is active)

Open the configmgrsetup.log and monitor

05-13-2021 08:09:53.415 Configuration Manager Setup 7380 (0x1cd4) INFO: Registering SQL connection to primary site's SQL server \\test1\

05-13-2021 08:09:55.995 Configuration Manager Setup 7380 (0x1cd4) INFO: checking whether \\test1\ is a standalone site and whether it has the matched version

05-13-2021 08:09:56.196 Configuration Manager Setup 7380 (0x1cd4) INFO: Creating sender address on primary site \\test1\ to access CAS site \\test2\

05-13-2021 08:09:56.760 Configuration Manager Setup 7380 (0x1cd4) INFO: Creating sender address on CAS site \\test2\ to access primary site \\test1\

05-13-2021 08:22:45.473 Configuration Manager Setup 7380 (0x1cd4) INFO: Stored SQL Server computer certificate for Server [\\test2\] successfully on [\\test1\].

05-13-2021 08:22:00.615 Configuration Manager Setup 7380 (0x1cd4) Successfully bulk copied file [C:\SummarizationSettings_bcp.bcp] into table [SummarizationSettings] with rows [4].

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