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Hardware Inventory Flow.

Let’s understand the ConfigMgr Hardware Inventory Collection Cycle in a bit more detail. The users/admins can initiate the Hardware Inventory Collection Cycle to speed up the inventory.

1. Inventory Opening Store for action {00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000001}

2. Inventory Action = Hardware, Report type = Delta Or Full

3. Collection 65/70 inventory data items successfully inventoried. Inventory collection Task completed in 8.719 seconds.

4. Inventory Temp report = C:\windows\ccm\temp\f8840298-1efc-5967-bw3h-2673d503e3b.xml

5. Inventory Successfully sent report. Destination:MP:MP_HinvEndpoint ID, :{ e9960288-3dfd-6897-ef4x-4915a4122e3b, Timeout:403

6. MP Message Handler:copy attachment to c:\SMS\MP\outboxes\\HinvattachmentXT8BUF37.XML Inv-Hinv Task:processing xml file C:\SMS\MP\outboxes\

7. Hinv task: Report attachment to file C:\sms\mp\outboxes\\GXD54FG.MIF” returned 0.

8. Moved file c:\SMS\MP\Outboxes\\ GXD54FG.MIF to \\\SMS_MSS\inboxes\auth\\ GXD54FG.MIF

9. Moving MIF ..auth\ GXD54FG.MIF to ..auth\\process\ GXD54FG.MIF

10. Finished processing 1 MIF’s.

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