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Client Push Flow

Here is the Client push flow.

1. Client push is initialized from console. If from CAS it replicates (DRS) to primary step to trigger next step

2. A .CPB file get created in .\Microsoft Configuration Manager\inboxes\

3. .ccr is created in .\inboxes\\inproc. It moves to .\inboxes\ if client is offline and need to retry later

4. Query SCCM DB for client information ccm.log “Successfully retrieved information for machine Client1 from DB”

5. Site server copies Mobileclient.tcf and ccmsetup.exe to client’s %windir%\ccmsetup . Creates CCMsetup services. Creates logs in %windir%\ccmsetup\logs

6. Ccmsetup checks command line, Registry (for Group policy) and file Mobileclientunicode.tcf and send state message 100 to FSP.

7. Check pre-requisites download clients files from DP using Bits, installing pre-requisites

8. Copy and install all binaries from client.MSI, SCEP installer.exe etc..

9. Send state message 400 to FSP. Remove ccmsetup service

10. Ccmexec starts and downloads policy after registration at MP.

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